Not all compression is created equal. No one knows this better than us, founders - serial entrepreneur Clyde Davenport and technical compression & material Guru Cindy Liu

This  is why we created this modern maternity brand that delivers scientifically tested graduated compression products for pregnancy, as well as providing comfort and luxury. 

Our passion for product quality, luxury and performance, backed by ongoing research and development by years of industry experience, having worked with international brands including Calvin Klein and 2XU - the world's leader in high performance compression garments for elite sportspeople.

As former Chairman & Founder and former Global Head of Compression at 2XU, we have an intimate knowledge of material science that is unparalleled. An international sports scientist touted products developed by us as being ‘the best products on the market that I know of today’.

We started TheRY because we had many pregnant friends and family with pregnancy ailments such as swollen feet and fatigue. This included Clyde's pregnant daughter who understood compression could help, but struggled to find a stylish compression legging that she that was also comfortable during pregnancy.  

We found it hard to believe that this product did not already exist and investigated further. It was indeed the case.

Working with experts and researching further into compression for pregnancy, we discovered that graduated compression further offered even greater benefits to pregnancy than we had known, because of the importance of blood circulation.

"As early as 12 weeks, blood flow to the baby is of utmost importance - healthy maternal blood flow to your newborn baby via the umbilical cord and the placenta is needed to deliver nutrients for healthy growth".

There were studies that also found the benefits of graduated compression garments for reducing severity of morning sickness and nausea. Given the many benefits of compression for pregnancy, the next venture for the two of us was clear. We set a mission to create the perfect compression maternity legging for pregnancy. TheRY was born. 

Having dealt with elite athletes who are very particular about what they wear and how it performs, we understand compression and its benefits better than anyone else. However, no longer creating products with elite athletes in mind, the door was open to a greater option of yarns to create more luxurious compression fabrics. Cindy now had the opportunity to combine the best high performance graduated compression engineering (providing unparalleled physiological benefits) with the softest hand feel yarns available on the market. “When we look at true compression without the need for it to perform for an ironman with hours’ worth of excessive perspiration wicking, we can create fabrics so lux, you love to wear so much and are even worthy of sleeping in.”

“We have created proprietary fabrics that are premium, lightweight, super comfortable, and have the compression that is required to produce the best maternity garments on the market…All of our compression products have been medically tested and are listed with the TGA.” 

We wanted to create modern maternity products with purpose and social responsibility. We have partnered with i=change to give back and support charities such Send Hope Not Flowers that works to prevent unnecessary maternal deaths during childbirth.

We believe that access to essentials should not be determined by circumstance or disadvantage, that brands need to be better and do better and everyone can help.