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Not all compression is created equal. To ensure the compression garments you are buying are providing the correct pressure, it is important that they have been properly created and scientifically tested.

TheRY compression products have been properly assessed and are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), may be eligible for health rebates with many private insurance health funds. It is best to check with your provider as it may depend on your level of cover. 

The Saviour Maternity Legging, The Restorer Postnatal Support Legging, The Comforter Maternity Compression Socks, The Rescuer Maternity Compression Socks, and The Helping Hand Wrist Compression Sleeve are registered as medical compression garments and may be eligible for rebates.

You may click this link for a printable TheRY prescription rebate form to your health care specialist to complete and sign. Provide this together with a copy of your invoice for your Health Fund 

Products that do not have an ARTG number and have not been assessed by the TGA may not be providing you any compression benefits, and in the worse cases, could be restricting circulation and creating more issues.