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Please contact us directly via email at if you have more questions.
Q. When can I start wearing the prenatal leggings and how long can I wear them for?

The leggings are designed with an expandable belly panel so you can get the most out of them. You don't have to wait to wear them. From as early as week 12 compression can assist with circulation - your heart needing to work harder to increase blood flow through you to the placenta and your growing baby. You can wear them throughout your entire pregnancy. Best of all we made the most comfortable leggings you will not regret getting early. Having said this, every pregnancy is different and in some cases if you outgrow the leggings and need to upsize, please contact us at for us to help.

The leggings can still wear be worn postpartum but if you need abdominal support, we recommend our Restorer Postnatal Support Leggings.

Q. I've heard that compression can be beneficial but they can be too hard to put on, especially with a big belly when bending and moving is more difficult?

We know everything can get harder at later stages of pregnancy especially with a growing belly. This can also be the case if you are recovering from surgery postpartum. We created the products with this in mind. What's the point of product that is a pain to get on and off or not comfortable to wear? We have added details such as zips in the leggings. Premium fabrics and yarns have been chosen for ultimate comfort and designed with pregnancy and post partum conditions in mind. Our leggings and socks are both easy to get on and off - but are so comfortable you'll want to live in them.

Q. What is the best way to put on TheRY garments?

We have chosen specific fabrics and yarns for greater comfort for our products but there are some added tips to get them on with ease.

TheRY leggings they are easier to put on from a sitting position. Unzip both legs, and you will put them on one foot at a time.  Bunch up one leg of the leggings as you would when putting on stockings using your thumb and forefinger. Put your first foot through the leg until the bottom of the legging has passed through the foot and heel. Repeat with the other foot. From here you can stand and pull the leggings up and adjust so they fit properly up to your crotch, before pulling up the belly panel. Sit back down to zip up the zips if you are finding it hard to bend. The zips make this legging much easier to get on and off. 

Likewise TheRY socks are easier to put on from a sitting position. You may also cross a leg up over your other leg if it is hard to reach. Take the sock top opening and place it between your thumb and forefingers. Your thumbs should be inside the sock and forefinger facing forward from either side. Start to bunch up the sock using you thumb and forefinger until you reach the toe. Now put the sock over your toes and slide your foot into the sock. Unbunch slowly only from the bottom and slide the sock along your foot until the heel. From here you can move your thumb and fingers to the back and front of the sock, pull the sock to fit the back heel, then slide the sock up the leg unbunching as you go.

For both the leggings and the socks, the key is to get the product over your heels before you start trying to pull it up. Also make sure your skin is dry.

To take off the garments with ease, simply do the above steps in reverse. 

Q.  How many hours can I wear compression garments for?

Our compression leggings and socks are designed with Class 1 grade compression so they can be worn all day or as long as they remain comfortable. Compression fits are firm but should never feel restrictive or cause pain. Compression garments can help prevent swelling and fatigue so you don't have to wait for symptoms to wear them.

Q.  There are cheaper products claiming similar benefits. Are TheRY products worth it?

As with anything you buy, there are products offered at different pricepoints. We wanted to turn the idea of cheap throwaway fashion on its head. We are committed to making quality products that have a reason for being, that look & feel good and are made to last so you get what you pay for. Not all brands are created equal or live up to their promises.

Not all compression is the same or researched. Look for TGA approved compression.

Our compression leggings and socks are graduated compression to helpwoth blood flow have been TGA approved. Our products come with a 12 month warranty from manufacturing defects, and also a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase in the first month, we don't want you spending money on something you won't wear, so contact us for a refund at   

Q.  Are all your products TGA approved and are health fund rebates available?

The Saviour Maternity Legging, the Restorer Postnatal Support Legging, Comforter Maternity Sock & Rescuer Maternity sock and the Helping Hand Wrist Sleeve have been approved by the TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Association) and is eligible for rebates under some health fund extras cover for pregnancy compression garments. Please check with your health provider if your level of cover qualifies. Some require may require you to have a recommendation/prescription from a medical professional.

Q.  Are your leggings suitable to exercise in?

Yes. We made the leggings with versatility in mind. The leggings are made with a premium soft, lightweight fabric. This means they are light and breathable for exercise. Matte black and anti-pill, they have also tested and and are not see through - do your squats and down dog with confidence!  

We also designed the leggings with subtle logos so you can also dress up for the office or wear as a base layer and dress down to lounge in. They are multi-purpose -  suitable for exercise, work, play and relaxing. 

Q.  Aren't long socks and leggings too warm to wear in summer?

It's a common question and for the benefits of compression full length garments and socks have been known to provided better results than items such as shorts which will not help with swollen feet and ankles. Edema and swollen limbs is also more prevalent in warmer weather and summer. We have made our leggings lightweight and breathable so they are suitable for warmer climates. Our socks come in two weights with the Rescuer Maternity sock being the lighter of the two for summer months. With modern designs the socks actually look cute with shorts!

Q.  What products can be worn when I am no longer pregnant?

We find that many women like to have the higher coverage over the bellies for some time after pregnancy. The belly panels can also serve a protective layer between other garments if you are using balms or creams.  With this in mind, the leggings are designed to last so can be kept for if you are planning a bigger family.

The tees were designed to be worn whatever your body shape, pregnant belly or not. There is no ruching or tricks - just a simple but very versatile tee.

As a Class 1 moderate compression sock (15-20mmHg) it can also be of benefit for other activites eg, travel socks, but some might also use for skiing or hiking, or when you are standing or sitting for long periods of time. 

Q.  I like that TheRY supports charities but will it cost me anything extra?

No, through i=Change, you choose which of the charities it goes to at checkout, but you are not charged any additional fees other than the purchase price of your items. The donation is made by us to i=Change from each purchase and automatically processed. They collect the money distribute the donations to the charity partners every 90 days. You have the option also to add a personal donation if you wish.