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Based on 351 reviews

So far I love them. I’ve struggled with water retention since having my daughter 3 years ago. I Get sore feet if I don’t wear proper supportive footwear. Im pregnant with my 3rd, So far these socks have prevented my feet and heels especially from aching which so far is a big win.


These socks are amazing. I can wear them all day at work without getting uncomfortable and I can still see my ankles at the end of the day 😍 love them

So comfy and so cute! I love these and already want to buy another pair.

Restorer postpartum leggings

Great fit and very comfortable

Love the pants helped A lot with the pregnancy. And the Veins in my legs. They did pill along the inside of the leg a bit.

They work!

Had started getting some swelling and cramping after work - started wearing these during the day and it’s helped so much!

Sweet relief after a long day

Great to pop on after work and get some well needed support while running after the toddler, getting dinner ready etc. Easy to use, but did note the instructions say you can only wear it for 3 hours to avoid over dependence. Originally got it to wear during work but still find it helpful for some support and relief after.

Great maternity compression socks! I wear them everyday and provide so much comfort to my legs as I am mostly on my feet at work. Highly recommended!

The Comforter Maternity Compression Sock

I am a standard Aus size 12 in bottoms and tops. I find the M fits well. When I first put the tights on I thought they were too tight but after 10 minutes I got use to the compression and found them comfortable to wear all day. They do support the stomach area well and the waistline doesn’t roll down. I love the zips at the ankle which makes dressing easier, the zips also have an internal fabric line so the zipper doesn’t sit flush against the ankle skin, making it comfortable. I am happy with this purchase and the price point for compression leggings.

Comfy comression!

Really enjoying my socks, definitely helping my feet and legs throughout the day!

So comfortable!

Happy feet

Has saved my feet’s from being swollen and sore from work during pregnancy! Thank you

Super comfy and supportive

I’ve been wearing these since second trimester (now 36 weeks) and love them. They’re super comfortable but also not restrictive. They’ve stretched as my belly has grown and continued to provide support. I mostly wear these when going for walks, doing Pilates and going shopping.
As my belly has grown I’ve paired these with the RY belly band for more pelvic and lower back support.

Love this belly band!

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and have been using this belly band for the past four weeks. It’s been a life saver! I’m suffering from pelvic girdle pain. I wear this band before going for walks, when cooking/doing house work, shopping etc. helps me feel much more supported and comfortable. Has definitely reduced my pain and helped me to keep active in the later stages of pregnancy.
I was using a tubi grip before getting this band, if you’re looking for something with more support, particularly for lower back and pelvic girdle pain, then I recommend this band.

Comfortable and effective

Visibly reduces my ankle swelling from pregnancy plus huge bonus that they are comfortable to wear.

Great relief

Had really bad nerve entrapment on my hands and arms due to fluid overload because of my pregnancy. It was affecting my sleep so much. The arm compression gloves helped a lot and now I don’t wake up middle of the night with excruciating pain on my arms and hands. Very good buy especially when you need all the sleep you can get before the baby comes.

Highly recommend

These socks are amazing!! I spend a lot of time on my feet at work and being 23 weeks pregnant they have made my feet feel less tired and swollen at the end of the day

Comfy compression

I really like these compared to stockings etc, it feels much nicer to wear socks. I measured and was between M and L sizes so I decided to buy M - I now wish I had bought L because the sock does dig into my skin a little just below my knee but once I've had my twins hopefully the M will work nicely for post surgeries etc.

Happy Feet’s

It’s apart of my daily routine to have these sock on to help with my pregnancy feet’s!

Happy hand

Product works as advertised.


Working as a nurse, ankle swelling started at 31 weeks pregnant. Got myself some TheRY compression socks and have had very minimal swelling since. Game changer!

The best of the best!

I had read the reviews and thought I would give them a try. Wore them on four flights. Feet and ankles would normally swell up but they were perfect thanks to my new TheRY socks. And were so comfortable! Super impressed 🙂

Exactly as described

Love these pieces

Great leggings

Love the leggings so much. They hold me in in all the right places and they look cute! So glad I found these